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Grandma's Subtle Secret To Make Him Chase You Forever 

By Jennifer Evans
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Grandma’s Subtle Secrets To Make Him Chase You Forever is a incredible collection of techniques and tools designed to make a man notice you even in a crowded room . . . talk to you even if he’s shy . . . and pursue you and chase you for as long as you want while (and this is the important part) thinking it’s 100% his idea and that he will stop at nothing to make you his (and only his) forever.

In “Grandma’s Subtle Secrets To Make Him Chase You Forever” you’ll discover:

What really goes through a man’s mind when a woman makes the first move . . . and how to use the subtle power of feminine coyness to awaken his hunter’s instinct . . . so he feels an incredible compulsion to slay dragons, crawl across broken glass and do ANYTHING to have you in his arms . . . while thinking it’s 100% his idea . . .
The “Prince Charming Phrase” to say to a man when he first asks you out to make it psychologically impossible for him to flake on you . . . (these 4 simple words don’t seem like much to me or you, but the moment he hears them he’ll know you are a once-in-a-lifetime woman who he needs to take seriously and treat like a queen.)
The 5 Rules of Sex every woman needs to know to awaken his hidden caveman lust . . . so he devours you with his eyes, throws you over his shoulder and ravishes you in a way you’ve been longing for your entire life . . . with a passion he’s simply never had for any other woman before.
Why every woman has a “Mona Lisa Smile” . . . and how to use YOURS to have men bending over backwards to open doors for you, help you with groceries and show you how chivalrous they can be (while actually drawing jealous stares from every other woman who doesn’t know this subtle secret or thinks there’s something “wrong” with asking a man for help.)
How to use your eyes to let him know it’s time to kiss you . . . and EXACTLY how to melt into his arms and tilt your head when he pulls you close for a kiss to trigger his PRIMAL desire to protect you . . . to have you . . . to make you HIS (and only his) for as long as you’ll let him . . .
The “Hot Mirror” technique to subtly teach a man what you want in bed without ever having to ask for it and without wounding his masculine pride by showing him...
The 4 word text to send to a man once a week that sends testosterone thundering through his veins, fills him with pride, passion and intense desire for you and has him bragging to everyone he can at how astonishingly lucky he is to be your man.
Why men lose interest in having sex with women they love . . . and how to use the “Lightswitch Technique” to reawaken the intense desire he had for you the very first time you were together.

How to make him choose to quit watching porn without ever having to ask him to. And much, much more...

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